Here’s a script I put together out of a frustration of getting files to a test environment. We have a VMware test environment that’s segmented off into a test VLAN that no production VLAN can get to. I’m constantly needing to copy files from production over to the test environment. Previously, I was having to create a folder on my workstation, create an ISO from that folder’s contents, open up the VMware vSphere client, attach that ISO to the VM I wanted, get to the console of the VM and then copy the files from the CD drive. PITA!

I’m no VMware expert but I was told the only other way to do this was to create a VM “mule” which is a VM with a production NIC and a test NIC on it. I’d then copy files from production to this VM and then copy the files to my test VMs. I really thought that would be a waste of resources just to copy some files over every now and then. This is why I spent a little time to do this.

Download this script on the Technet Script Repository