Do you want to know the secret to make a six-figure income in your job, or loving the job that you do?

The secret is simple. It’s just giving a shit.

The secret is just caring about what you do.

Just Care

I had a conversation with someone working on a help desk yesterday, and it inspired me to write this article.

One thing that genuinely sets people like him and others apart from others that I’ve interacted with over the years is that they care more than their coworkers. They care about getting better at their job. They are passionate, and they are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.

They express enthusiasm and excitement over new tech and coming up with better ways to get things done. They’re enthused and jazzed up about this new PowerShell script or this unique piece of software that helps them do their job better. They also have this innate desire to tell people about it and to evangelize that particular piece of technology.

PowerShell was the first piece of technology that made me excited. It was a piece of technology to where I felt just so interested in it, and so passionate about it that I just had to tell other people. And that’s one thing that I see that sets apart most high achievers.

Care Knows No Roles

You can be at any level in your career. You could be at the help desk level, you could be a system administrator, or you can be a senior solutions architect. You can get jazzed up about something and share that knowledge and have this desire to get involved with it at any level in your career.

You don’t have to be in a senior role to get it. I’ve seen that, as a mentor, for a lot of these people, it’s an unfortunate rarity to see that kind of enthusiasm and that kind of passion for what they’re doing. It’s refreshing to talk to somebody that wants to get involved. They want to do the user groups; they want to go outside of their typical 9-5 role and not just do what’s required of them for a paycheck.

Don’t be a Drone

Your job and your career shouldn’t be clocking in, doing your 8-9 hours, and going home. Your career needs to be something that you enjoy! That enjoyment is precisely what I see in enthusiastic people, and they’re jazzed up about what they’re doing.

If you’re working hard because you’re enthusiastic about it, you’re naturally going to be happier doing it. And when you’re more thrilled doing something, you’ll want to do more and more continually. You’ll want to learn more and more and more about a particular area. And if you are enthusiastic enough about it, you think this is just the coolest thing ever; you’re going to want to share that with other people. You’ll want to share your successes with your coworkers, online communities, blog about it and go to conferences to speak on it.

But all of that mentality stems from just giving a shit. It comes from only caring about what you do.

I’ve worked with many people that don’t care. They checked out a long time ago. They’re drones. They’ll clock in at the latest time possible to not get caught and clock out precisely at 5 PM regardless of the circumstances. They don’t care what they do. If the boss tells them “Hey, I need you to go scrub the toilets.”, they’ll politely say “Okay, yes, boss.” And they do it. They’re just going through the motions all day.

They don’t think creatively. They don’t challenge their boss and ask, “Why don’t we do it this way?” They’re “yes men” that do whatever the minimum effort required to get a paycheck. And when a motivated, enthusiastic high-achiever comes along and exclaims, “This thing is the greatest thing ever. This is awesome!” They will give them the, “Yeah, that’s great. Go away. That’s too much change. We don’t want to change. Change will make me work more, which is something I didn’t sign up for.”

Don’t Work with Toxic People

Recognize in your work environment. Pay attention if you may be in the wrong work environment. If you come up with something that saves time, makes a job easier, makes the team’s job easier, and you propose those things, check the reaction of your coworkers and your managers. Are they receptive to your proposal? Do they want to hear more? Or do they dismiss you? This attitude is a clear indicator you need to move on.

Care about what you’re doing. Read what kind of emotions you feel whenever you’re working on something. Latch on to anything that you care about.

Take Control of your Career

If you find yourself burnt out in a job not caring what you do doing the minimum to get a paycheck and just sticking precisely to your job role, ask yourself:

    – Is this the job that I want to be in?
    – Is this the company I want to be at?
    – Is this the culture that I want to be a part of?
    – Am I working stuff that interests me?

If not, it is high time to start looking around for a company that will embrace that mentality and let you work with those things that get you jazzed up.

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