Technology professionals are a unique breed. We are smart, driven people that can bang out code, build servers, install software and think nothing of it. People not in tech think we’re magicians with the secret formula locked away in our heads but we simply dismiss them and think nothing of it. We fail to realize just how valuable that knowledge is to other people.

Imagine what kind of knowledge repository we could all build if each of us could somehow download that knowledge into some kind of form and upload it to a single place.

Think about being able to come to a place where you can find real solutions to real problems demonstrated by real professionals.

Now envision you, as a contributor to this knowledge repository, downloading your knowledge from your head in the form of short screencast demonstrations on the topic of your choosing. You’re getting publicity, showing people you know your stuff and getting paid every, single month from it.

Don't just learn from my blog and keep that newfound knowledge to yourself! Share it! I've created a new service called TechSnips that's dedicated to helping technology professionals share their knowledge and look awesome in the process! Through small screencast videos, full courses and written content, TechSnips is a community to help you grow your career. Join us!.

This knowledge repository is TechSnips and is a project that’s long overdue.

Already sold? Skip to the contributor application.

What is TechSnips?

TechSnips is an online service providing short, how-to screencasts across a number of different topics. The screencasts aren’t all recorded by professional presenters or trainers; they are recorded by hundreds of every-day tech guys and gals.

Every day experts record a screencast, send it in and we take care of the rest. TechSnips has video editors on staff and people to care for each screencast from the time it comes into the time it gets published on the platform. The only thing you need to do is record a short screencast and repeat with no limit.

This is a project that allows every tech professional a platform to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject of their choice. It’s a project that then pays people for their time and knowledge in the form of monthly royalties. The more the service makes, the more the contributors make.

Why start TechSnips?

This project was started for four reasons:

  1. To encourage Joe IT guy to step outside his comfort zone and share his knowledge.
  2. To bring together the collective knowledge that so many technology professionals in one place.
  3. To pay people for their time and their knowledge
  4. To scratch the itch of its entrepreneurial founder

The amount of untapped knowledge out there in our heads not being shared with others astounds me. One of the primary reasons I believe this is because we’re not getting paid. We have a job already. Why should I blog, tweet, contribute to an open source project or speak at conferences when it pays nothing? Fair enough. We’ve all got other things to do.

But what if we all had the chance to capitalize on that knowledge by getting compensated? That changes things. Now we’d have the ability to make real money off of our work. At the same time, we’d begin getting publicity.

How Does it Work?

The process is purposefully simple. We’ve removed as many barriers as possible to allow everyone to contribute.

  1. Pick a screencast you’d like to record
  2. Propose the topic to use
  3. Get approved
  4. Record the screencast
  5. Submit the screencast
  6. Screencast is published
  7. Get paid

What’s in it for me?

If you haven’t guessed already, there’s a lot in it for you!

  • Promote yourself

Every snip will have a professional, custom intro animation added to it with the snip title, your name and your Twitter handle. An example of this intro animation can be found here. This recognition helps build your credibility and shows you know your stuff!

  • Improve your presentation skills

Since every snip published will go through an editing process and you may work with an editor (if any major problems), you’ll be able to spot your weaknesses in delivery and recording quality. This will help you become a better presenter. Once your screencast is published you’ll then be able to see what a polished version of it looks like.

  • Record once, get paid monthly forever

As a contributor, you will be paid for your knowledge over time with our royalty model. If you can come up with solutions for problems other technology professionals are having, can explain your answer in a clear, concise manner and can record it, you will be paid. How much you ask? Sign up and find out.

When’s it launching?

If you’re reading this after June 5th, 2018, it’s already here! If not, it’s launching on June 5th, 2018. It is our goal to source 500 or more screencasts for an initial batch of content at launch day. Once we get to that point, we will launch the official service to everyone.

It would behoove you to start contributing as much as you can ASAP to begin getting eyeballs on your videos from the get-go!

Get Started

If you’ve been considering sharing your knowledge with others, have already been contributing to your community and looking for some ways to monetize your content or just know a lot about tech and want to make some side money, sign up. Signing up costs you nothing and could be the beginning of a chapter in your career that you never knew existed.


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