We’ve all been there at some point but it’s important to realize just how much time we’re wasting by hovering over an automated process. Automation is here to save time, not to make us all zombies just staring at our screens while the automation does all the work. Automation exists to handle all that mundane stuff to allow us to do more important things with our time, things we actually have to use our brains for. Automation was not meant for you to milk the clock while acting like you’re doing actual work, then taking all the credit for that cool script you found online. We must learn to trust that automation is doing what we expect.

How do we show people that automation can be trusted? Through consistent, predictable and  error-free results.

If done properly, this is what automation does and what makes it such a strategic advantage for not only engineers in the trenches but to managers, directors, executives and ultimately the business as a whole. For an automation project to be successful and loved by all requires a team of people that “get” automation. Organizations need people who understand that manual processes are not only laborious time-drains, but also introduce potential human error. To be successful, automation projects must be properly designed else the project will be introduced, have multiple issues and will be marked as a failure even once all the bugs have been… Continue reading on Windows IT Pro.