If you’re a vendor that would like to get your products in front of thousands of IT professionals, the Adam the Automator blog is the way to do it. I have a few different plans for interested sponsors but a sponsorship with me isn’t just about the plans. A sponsorship here is more of a partnership. When you become a sponsor, you’ll not only get what’s described in the plans but you’ll get me as well. I hope that’s a good thing!

Sponsorship means if you have a new product coming out you’d like to get some eyeballs on, let me know. I’ll probably tweet about it. Have a conference coming up where you’ve got a booth? I’ll be sure to stop by!

Being a sponsor isn’t black and white; it’s about relationships. Build great products, get involved with the tech community and be awesome! As a sponsor, if you meet this criteria, you’ll be my goto recommendation.

Blog Stats and Marketing Efforts

  • 15,000 unique visitors per month
  • 700 unique daily visitors
  • Tightly niched IT professional audience 5,000 strong on Twitter
  • Links from sites such as InfoWorld, CIO, 4SysOps, RedmondMag, McpMag, Tom’s IT Pro, SearchWindowsSerer, SearchITOperations and more!

Sponsorship Plans


  • 250×250 banner in the Sponsors sidebar on every page
  • Can start at any time
  • One tweet per month at optimal times thanking sponsor.


  • Same details as the Standard plan
  • I will do any informational interviews or podcasts for sponsor during sponsor time
  • If any competitors are currently sponsoring:
    • If existing competitors want to renew their sponsorship, Adam will give the option to do so at an increased rate to keep their dominance.
    • If existing competitors do not renew, your plan can start immediately afterward


Our Premium plan is our best sponsor plan available. Using the same criteria as the Deluxe plan around other sponsor scheduling this plan offers many more perks.

  • No other sponsors are allowed.
  • Your banner will move to a more prominent spot at the top of every page.
  • You are allowed to post one informational (not marketing) blog article per month with a link to your product.
  • Adam will send one tweet per month to his ~5,000 IT professional Twitter followers.
  • You are allowed to send one email per month to Adam’s subscriber list.

If interested in any of these plans, please contact me to discuss pricing and how you can get started!


All sponsorship plans will adhere to the following rules:

  • As soon as the banner is uploaded and linked, the sponsorship starts.
  • Each plan provides a monthly or quarterly payment option with the quarterly option giving you a 20% overall discount. Contact me for details.
  • Your plan purchase will lock in the price you see here for only the duration of time you purchase.
  • You may remove your banner at any time, but we will give no refunds.
  • If for any reason, your banner does not have 24/7 exposure during your sponsor time, we will provide a refund down to the hour of downtime.
  • For the Deluxe plan, Adam will define who the competitor is. But, if needed, he will reach out to you to determine if another potential sponsor is, in fact, a competitor of yours. If you notice any sponsor that you feel is a competitor that’s sponsoring along side you, please let us know as soon as possible.