Blog Sponsorship

Blog Stats

Your organization can have the opportunity to get in front of tens of thousands of technology professionals. Some traffic stats include:

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Ways to Engage

I offer two ways to sponsor this blog: a banner ad or individual blog posts.

Banner Ad

If you’d like to capture the attention of all readers of this blog, you have the ability to place a 250x250px ad which will be prominently displayed on the sidebar of the main page and all posts on this blog.

The fee for a banner ad is $750/month.

Sponsored Posts

Are you looking for a more targeted approach other than the banner ad? Not a problem. You can also choose to sponsor one or more individual posts. If chosen, the post will have a clear indication that the post was sponsored by your company at the top.

You will also have the opportunity to insert one, small paragraph before the post begins to communicate any message you may want to send. Also, the post will be promoted by myself and bring as much attention to it as possible.

The fee to sponsor an already-written post is $500. If the post will be written specifically for sponsorship purposes, the fee is $1,000.

Looking for more brand exposure via a blog sponsorship? Contact me!