IT Managers

Lots of IT organizations today are unfortunately stuck in fire-fighting mode. They are ticket-closing machines that reactively resolve issues all day but don’t have time to think proactively. They might not have the expertise in-house to implement various automation workflows or, if they do, the senior engineers are so busy supporting existing software they don’t even have time to engineer anymore! Sound familiar?

It’s time to bring in a consultant that isn’t as embedded as your team is in the day-to-day activities.

It’s time to bring someone in that can spot a better way of doing things a mile away.

It’s time to hire a consultant that has implemented hundreds of IT automation processes over a career of 20+ years in IT.

It’s time to bring in the Special Forces of automation; Adam the Automator!

Using my wide range of experience in IT and knack for spotting automation opportunities, I can help you and your team implement automation workflows that are self-sustaining, require little to no manual intervention which will free up your team to actually engineer rather than fighting fires all day.

Bring in the big guns of automation. Contact me today!