Partner with Me

You’re a technology vendor. You know you’ve got a great product but you can’t figure out how to get that product in front of the people that may benefit from it.

Not only that, when you do finally manage to get your product in front of a potential buyer, you’re unsure if your message is resonating with the target audience.

Let me help with that.

I offer various independent content marketing services for your company that can bring in potential leads by providing value to potential buyers rather than by selling them.

I offer a unique, laid-back style of technical writing and presenting that comes from my nearly 20 years of experience as an IT professional, developer and overall disrupter of the status quo.

If interested, contact me!

Content Marketing Partnership

Established through a meeting and product vetting process, you have the opportunity to partner with me in your content marketing efforts. I will be a part of your team. I will provide my independent, unique insight into what your potential buyer is looking for through a monthly or quarterly retainer model.

I can provide a wide array of content including but not limited to:

  • Entertaining yet informative articles, eBooks and more.
  • company banners on the Adam the Automator blog
  • Webinars that don’t sell but inform and provide immediate value to viewers
  • Sponsored training courses from a seasoned Pluralsight author
  • Mentions on social media
  • Sponsored speaking engagements

As a new partner, we will first discuss potential projects of your choosing as a plan to be executed throughout the duration of the partner retainer period. We will hold short, weekly 15-minute phone calls with you and your team to ensure constant communication and deliverables are clear and proactively plan all deliverables.

In addition to my writing on this blog, some other examples of my previous work include articles on:

Here are a few quotes from past and current clients:

Adam creates very technical and engaging content that IT professionals find tremendous value in. He’s easy to work with, knows the IT industry better than most and understands how to help IT get their job done.Greg Mooney – IpSwitch

2 words…”Adam delivers”

It’s rare to come across a “vendor” that you can just feel confident in. I don’t have to manage the programs I run with Adam. He has the knowledge, work ethic, and most importantly the passion needed to deliver a great result. He takes the time to understand the value our company offers and gears his content to speak to that value. He leverages the network and relationships he previously built to push our message further and with greater impact. Adam delivers on more than just ROI, he makes us look good!Ezra Charm – GoverLAN

It was very EASY to work with you. We were able to define the content and then get the content we wanted on-time on-schedule.Andy Zhu – NinjaRMM

Do you think my writing and presenting style would help out with your content marketing efforts? Contact me to discuss.

Blog Sponsorship

If funds are tight yet you still want to get exposure for your products, you also have the option of becoming a blog sponsor. As a blog sponsor, you will have the opportunity to place your 250×250 ad on the sidebar of this blog.

On a monthly or quarterly renewal model, your organization can have the opportunity to get in front of tens of thousands of technology professionals. Some traffic stats include:

  • 15,000+ unique visitors per month
  • 700 unique daily visitors
  • Tightly niched IT professional audience 5,000 strong on Twitter
  • Links from sites such as InfoWorld, CIO, 4SysOps, RedmondMag, McpMag, Tom’s IT Pro, SearchWindowsServer, SearchITOperations and more!

Looking for more brand exposure via a blog sponsorship? Contact me!

Sponsorships will adhere to the following rules:

  • As soon as the banner is uploaded and linked, the sponsorship starts.
  • Each plan provides a monthly or quarterly payment option with the quarterly option giving you a 20% overall discount. Contact me for details.
  • Your plan purchase will lock in the price you see here for only the duration of time you purchase.
  • You may remove your banner at any time, but we will give no refunds.
  • If for any reason, your banner does not have 24/7 exposure during your sponsor time, we will provide a refund down to the hour of downtime.