Picture3I mean no disrespect here and I realize that everyone needs a job to survive, but I intend to create a situation where your job is no longer needed. I’m not doing this as a personal attack and a big political statement. I’m also not removing your job because I think you’re lazy. I’m doing this because I believe in continually improving. I believe everyone should always be looking out for faster, cheaper and ultimately better ways to perform any task. If that means some temporary sacrifices, I’m willing to do that.

I realize that this might seem scary at first especially if your job is the only skill you have. I’m not trying to downplay the immediate problems getting ousted from a job will have. However, you must think bigger than yourself here. We, as a society, must continue to improve. We must consistently find better ways to perform tasks. This means embracing automation and technology to perform tasks that were once delegated to humans (you). I’m sorry.

What Would Henry Ford Do?

Think about this for a minute and put yourself in the shoes of a factory worker for Ford Motor Company back in the early 1900s. Do you think that if Henry Ford thought, “Oh, that assembly line idea? Let’s not do that. We have people to do that that need the jobs.”, that you would be driving around in a beautiful, inexpensive car today? Probably not.

Do you think that if car manufacturers and other large parts manufacturers decided not to introduce robots that people like you and me could afford the products that they produce? Maybe not. Automation drives the cost of manufacturing down. It builds methods for standardizing processes and, once optimized, can crank out quality products over and over again without rest. I’d like to see you do that after a long weekend!

You Have More Skills Than you Think

What’s that? You don’t think you have the skills to do anything else other than your current job? I’m not sure you see the big picture here. Perhaps, this job you have now pays decent and is pretty stable. Since you’ve been in this same job for so long, have you ever stopped to reflect on why others in your company have either left or have been promoted, and you are still in the same job? It’s not because they kissed the right ass…well..mostly…but it was because the company noticed those people were delivering more value to the company than you. And you just shrugged it off and continued with your same routine because it was comfortable.

Did you think that a day would never come when someone like me would figure out your “routine” and implement it in code? If so, you’ve had blinders on for a long time now.

Snap Out of It!

It’s time for your come-to-Jesus moment. I’m sorry I had to be the one to drag you here. It’s time you realize that you are capable of more than a 9-5, ho-hum, same old existence. You are capable than more than you think. If you need more education, start! There are thousands of sources of free education out there today like your local library, the Internet and so on. If you need help finding some, let me know! I will be happy to help you get started.

You Will Always have a “Job”

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “This guy is nuts! Why in the hell would he set out to automate me and himself out of a job?!?” You see, it’s all about perception. I perceive jobs as ephemeral. To me, a job is just a job; it’s not a career. A job is temporary. A job is boring. I consider my real job as solving interesting problems and figuring out ways to do things better. And, it just so happens that making things better means removing the need to the job altogether!

If done right and with the right mindset, I will always have a “job” and you will too. Your job will just change from cranking out widgets or keeping a server online to figuring out ways for technology to do that for you. This way, you can focus on more important things like saving your company money or building tools for people that were once like you to do their jobs better (while they still can).

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