meetingsI want to discuss a little bit about meetings and mental health and really sticking to goals. To go over this, I want to tell you a small story, a story about meetings. We’re all in meetings, usually, if you’re in IT or in any corporate job at all, you’ve probably gone to a meeting.

Meetings are abused

Meetings are traditionally the bane of a knowledge worker’s existence. Meetings have a bad rap because people just think that we should meet for everything. We should meet to discuss an email, meet to discuss an IM or just blanket send a meeting invite to way too many people on the entire team, even though some people on the team aren’t working on the product or the situation as being discussed!

Mental effects of bad meetings

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Unnecessary meetings drain the life out of me, I could just fall asleep sometimes. They have such an impact for me on the rest of the day especially if I have two or three on the same day or even more. It just drains my whole day. I don’t want to work, I get tired and lethargic, and it just leaves a bad feeling that lingers.

I love to work. I love to get things done. A meeting is the opposite. In a meeting, we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do. We’re going to say, “This sounds great. Yes. Go, Go” and then nothing. Then maybe six months down the road, something would come up, “oh, we should do this, we should have done that”. We could have done that months ago if we would have put some action into it.

I’ve had a few days like this in the past and all over my career mostly. There have been times where you have meetings and it just drains you. For me especially when I have struggled with some mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or sorts and for some reasons meetings just seem to spur that.

Make meetings great again!

Unfortunately, meetings are going to be necessary. Here are my tips for a successful meeting (if you have to have one in the first place):

  • Have an agenda ahead of time
  • Stick to the agenda
  • Don’t fill the time just because you have it
  • Always come away with actionable items and who’s got them
  • Start meetings on time and wait for no one

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