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To learn Docker is becoming one of the most sought-after skills out there today. Docker has revolutionized the way containers are built and managed making this skill a prized asset for employers. Learning Docker from the ground up though can be a challenge if you haven’t had the chance to get much experience with it. This is why I recommend checking out the CloudSkills.io Docker JumpStart Virtual Workshop being held on June 24th and 25th.

There are lots of places to learn Docker out there but if you want to ensure you’re getting high-quality training material with top-notch instructors, I highly recommend checking out the Docker JumpStart Virtual Workshop. This is a live, online workshop led by Microsoft Azure MVP, Mike Pfeiffer and Docker Captain, Microsoft MVP and Docker Pluralsight course author, Dan Wahlin.

Imagine being able to not only learn Docker from an expert but also get the ability to ask questions in real-time, collaborate with other Docker enthusiasts in the chatroom and get lifetime access to two full days of jam-packed Docker goodness.

I’m no Docker expert. I’ve wanted to learn Docker for a long time. I have posted a couple of Docker posts like Creating Your First Docker Windows Server Container but haven’t done much else with it.

If the other workshops I’ve seen by CloudSkills.io are any indication, I’m sure this workshop is going to be out of this world and one that I will be attending.

Below is a quick overview of what’s going to be covered in this workshop. For more information, head over the CloudSkills.io for the full rundown.

Getting Started with Docker

Get started learning Docker with topics like the difference between containers and virtualization, how images fit into the mix and the layered file system.

Setting Up Your Environment

Here is what you’ll learn how to set up a local development environment for Docker. Topics like Docker Desktop and primary Docker workflows will be the name of the game in this session.

Building and Managing Docker Images

Docker images are a critical component to learn about. This session will cover everything you need to know about Docker images from how Docker runs an image and how to manage them.

Running and Managing Docker Containers

You will jump into managing Docker containers and cover Docker services. Topics like ports Docker uses, container replicas, scaling services and more will happen in this session.

Mastering Container Volumes

Persistent data has been a challenge with Docker containers for a long time. How do you deal with it? You’ll cover various ways to store this persistent data and cover topics like Docker volumes, managing volumes with the Docker CLI and understand how volumes are managing separate from the containers.

Container Networking Demystified

You can’t learn Docker without first learning how containers communicate with one another. You’ll focus on networking in this session covering areas like running Docker hosts on different operating systems and seeing how they communicate with each other within the same virtual network.

Docker Compose Orchestration

Learn Docker Compose in this session by seeing how to build Docker applications using a simple YAML file. Orchestration is where the exciting stuff begins and is where you can begin thinking about how to implement Docker containers in larger workflows like CI/CD pipelines and more!

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Once you’ve learned Docker orchestration techniques, it’s times to take it to the next level with Kubernetes. In this session, you’ll get introduced to Kubernetes and get to build your first Kubernetes cluster.

Full disclosure: Links in this post are affiliate links meaning I get a portion of the sale if you sign up.

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