I have recently returned from a vacation from my full-time job. Unfortunately, my vacation did not last as long as it was scheduled. You know how full-time jobs go, situations occur that you must deal with. So, I did not get much of a vacation but I’m not too down about it because I like my job. Yes, this does suck; I wish I was able to spend more time with my family and I had been able to enjoy the “vacation” that I was supposed to have. But, I had to do what I had to do and I don’t have too many hard feelings about it.

When someone else hears about this situation, and they did not really enjoy their job, to begin with, then their response would be, “Ugh, oh God this is terrible. I requested a vacation that was approved, and I was going to have an easy time at home just chilling, relaxing down on the couch, but then I had to work!”

This type of attitude should be a clear sign that you either hate your job, you are unhappy with your chosen profession or something needs changing. After returning from vacation or the holidays, many of you may be thinking, “Oh God, I need to go back to work. Oh man, I just do not want to go back. I love being on vacation so much!” If this is how you feel, I challenge you to do something about it!

Don’t just sit back and think and go with the status quo. Don’t just complain about a job that you hate just because you think no one else likes their job. Nope! That’s not true at all. If you like your job, then it’s like the old saying, “you’ll never work another day in your life.” Sure, the status quo is that you should not like your job because work sucks and all you want to do is play. It’s that way, and it doesn’t have to be. I don’t want people to believe this is the way it HAS to be.

If you hate your job, you don’t like the people you work with, you hate your boss, do something about it! Don’t stay at a job just because it’s comfortable. Don’t just do the same thing day in and day out and feel like you are stuck in this situation. Nobody is ever stuck! There is always a way to change career.

If you’re going back to work after a long vacation and have this feeling, reevaluate yourself, your job and where you want to be in your career. It may take some courage and some bravery. This is especially true for those who have been in a job for five or ten years and have been experiencing these feelings for a while now. You may be thinking, “this is comfortable, it’s nice paying” but none of this stuff matters if you are not happy. Happiness is all that matters.

At one time, I was climbing the corporate ladder at multiple companies because I wasn’t getting paid enough. At the start of my career, I was hopping around from job to job, not staying anywhere for more than a year, year and a half. I thought, “the grass is greener over there, I’ll get ten-thousand more dollars a year or five-thousand over there.” Eventually, I came to a point where I thought the money I was making was good but the job was terrible. I hated my boss. I hated almost everything about that job.

Finally, I took a different job with a fifteen-thousand-dollar pay cut. I was much happier at this new job and happier than I ever could have been at my previous job.

Hearing a story like this should help you realize that your happiness is what is the most important. If you’re happy at a job but you’re not paid as much as you could at another job, the only thing that should matter is your happiness.

In my experience, if I am happy with my job and I need extra money, which I was in this situation, I began a side hustle. I started a business of selling used books and this money helped us through the time we needed extra money because of my pay cut. In that sense, I was not making any money from my full-time job but I was able to make ends meet by selling books on Amazon and eBay.

I was happy at my job. Yes, I could have gone somewhere else to make extra money, but I enjoyed what I was doing. I enjoyed my full-time job and I enjoyed running my own business on the side. Yes, it took a lot of hours, and yes, there was a stress from being away from my family for a while. But, at the end-of-the-day, I was happy because I enjoyed the things I was doing and I was able to provide for my family.

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