When starting any job, there are going to be things that you like and dislike about a company. It is not uncommon for an employee to quickly see that there are policies of their employer that they are not happy with. For some people, it boils down to the decision to quit or change jobs. However, it doesn’t have to be a matter of quitting or moving on to a new position.

Great employees actually have more power than you think. If you have worked with the company for some time and can bring value to the brand, then you have a certain level of power. You should be valued by your employer and any ideas or issues you have with company policy at least listened to. Read on to see how you can make changes within your company without having to quit or move on.

Liking Your Job But Hating What You Must Do

If you are like most people, you need a job. We all rely on our paychecks to get by. We need money to pay bills, for food, shelter, etc. The average Joe can’t just quit a job without backup as there are bills to be paid. Let’s say that you like your job and enjoy what you do, but there are a few company policies that you do not agree with. Not agreeing with company policy is not necessarily grounds for quitting, especially if you never ask to see the policies change!

Perhaps you work in an IT position and are required to adhere to a particular dress code. This seems silly to you because you are not seen by any customers or clients. Perhaps you have to wear a name tag but know everyone in the office building. You do not meet with clients, so it seems silly that you must have your name tag on at all times.

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Policies like these can be annoying. If you find that such policies have you ready to quit your job, do something about it. Talk to your manager about your concerns and see if there is an alternative or real reasoning behind the policies. The manager should be willing to speak to you about your concerns and hopefully, you will see a change.

Everything is Changeable

You may feel that you do not have the power to see policies changed. This is not true. Despite what anyone says to you, everything is changeable. If you ask about a policy that you take issue with to your manager and you are told the policy cannot be changed, do not give up. You should push back enough to see something done about the policy. If you are a good employee and provide value in your position, then you have the power to see change regarding policies that you have an issue with within the company.

Exercise Your Power When It’s Important

It is important to recognize your value as an employee. Consider the position you hold and your training, experience, knowledge. Are you valued? How difficult would it be to replace you? For most employers, they want to keep their employees happy. They do not want to train new people. They do not want to harm the teamwork environment by hiring someone new that might not get along with your coworkers as you can.

When you begin to see the power that you hold, use the power for good. Don’t try to see changes to something that is no big deal but just gets on your nerves. You should use your power within the company to see changes in policies that matter to you. You don’t want to push too hard and then not achieve anything. Only fight for change when you feel it is absolutely necessary.

As you approach your manager on policy change, make sure you have done your homework. Have good reasons why you want to see a policy change. Bring along your research or know your key points so that you can prove to your manager why the changes to be made. Consider the dress code we discussed before. If you are not seen by anyone during your work, it is not that important as to what you wear, as long as you look nice.

Talk to your employer about the aspects of the dress code you are not happy with. By stating your case and having valid reasoning to back up your claim, you are more likely to see change come about.

If you are valued enough, push back instead of quitting. You want to express how you feel before taking the leap to quit so that you at least tried before moving on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Fired

During this process, don’t be afraid to get fired. Depending on what you are asking for, you may not see change and you may be fired or make the move to quit. If a manager does nothing, go over their head. Make the right moves and go up the chain of command to see a change take place. If you still see no change, then you now know about the type of company you are working for. You will then need to decide if you are going to quit or stay in place, still annoyed or bothered by company policy.

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