It’s difficult to find a job where you feel truly fulfilled. Most people don’t get up each morning ready to face the work day with a smile on their face. The daily work grind can be exhausting and not something you look forward to. As time progresses, some people begin to feel that sense of fulfillment dwindling. You no longer care about the work you are doing and just try to get through the day. It is important for IT employees to understand that you can find fulfillment in your job, even if you think that you hate it.

Think about a typical day at work.

  • Are you feeling fulfilled or do you not even care anymore?
  • Do you just go to work and do the minimum amount possible?
  • Do you find that every day you are waiting for five o’clock?

When you get home, you are instantly happy and feel better. However, when the morning comes, that sense of dread is back again.

Thankfully, there are ways to bring yourself out of this funk. When you find that you are unable to find fulfillment in your work and you think you hate your IT job, take the key points below into consideration. This can help you to decide if you want to stay in your position of employment or move on to another job somewhere.

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The first thing you need to do is communicate with your manager. Talk to your manager first about how you are feeling. Let them know that you are no longer happy with your day to day activities. Until you talk to the manager, no changes can be made.

A good manager will be willing to listen to what you have to say and help you find ways to change your daily routine to help you feel fulfilled and be happier within your position. If the manager brushes aside your feelings, go to his boss. If you still get negative feedback and no changes made, it’s time to move on.

When you talk to the manager or boss, be sure to be specific as to why you are not happy any longer. Have suggestions as to what can be done to help you feel better about coming to work and completing your daily tasks.

Fly Under the Radar

Another option is to fly under the radar and work on other projects. Of course, you have the official company projects that you work on every day but with free time, take on secondary projects that could benefit the company. These are projects that have not been officially approved, but you know they will be beneficial. You will need to complete your daily work but would be able to devote some time to these projects as well.

This is a scenario where the old adage, ‘it’s easier to beg for forgiveness later, then to get permission’, comes in to play. With such projects, you will be going ahead and working on them in an unofficial capacity and then once completed or in the works, approach the manager or boss to show them what you have been working on. This can help you to feel fulfillment in your IT work and hopefully see the project made into an official one for the company. This type of work can provide the inspiration you need to feel good about your position within the company.

Figure Out How to Work Differently

Another way you can find fulfillment is to figure out how to work differently. In the IT positions I have held, I would work daily problems the same, day in and day out. This becomes monotonous and boring. To change things up, figure out how to work differently. Take a different approach to how you complete the work you do. When it comes to IT issues, there are many ways to fix a problem. Coming up with different ways to solve the same problems can break up the monotony of work and help you to feel a sense of fulfillment within your work.

Just Quit!

When it comes down to it, the IT position you hold is most likely not going to be your career job. In the IT field, there will always be new and exciting positions available. If you are unable to find fulfillment within your job, consider looking elsewhere for something more interesting.

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