Sync CSV user data to Active Directory with PowerShell

One of the most common tasks I see performed with PowerShell is syncing user attributes to Active Directory (AD). Every organization seems to have some kind of product that stores employee information other than AD itself.
Usually, that external product is some kind of HR system. You can get employee information from an external product into AD in a few different ways. You can either figure out how to pull the employees directly from that system’s database, use its API (if available), or get the data into some kind of format that both the product can export and PowerShell can read. To choose the most common path, let’s pick a common format that both can understand: comma-separated values (CSV).

If a CSV file can represent employees with one employee per row, PowerShell can natively read this CSV file. Once PowerShell can read the CSV, it’s then a matter of figuring out if that same employee has a user account in AD. If so, it ensures all the attributes you care about are the same as in the CSV file. If not, it creates a new user altogether.

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