The Pester Book Challenge


  • Do you want to learn about testing PowerShell with Pester?
  • Have you been putting it off just because you “don’t have time”?
  • Have you been meaning to purchase the Pester Book but haven’t?

If you answered yes to these questions, I have a challenge for you.

As you may know, I offer the Pester Book for sale. It’s an all-encompassing guide to testing methodologies and using Pester in all kinds of situations. It’s been purchased by hundreds of people already and I’ve heard from many that they are learning a ton from it. I’m always happy to hear that my work is helping others but I have little insight as to how effective it is in getting people inspired to learn Pester and to share their knowledge with others.

I want to change that.

I’m formally putting out the challenge to anyone that is willing to dedicate some serious time to learning Pester and is willing to share their story about it. I will send anyone a FREE coupon for the Pester Book if you can guarantee you will submit your story and your first set of real tests.

I want to hear how the book inspired you to learn more about testing and Pester. I want to hear about how you’ve applied Pester to help make your job easier. And, most importantly, I want to see some tangible results of what you’ve accomplished.

Still interested? Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. You must come up with some code that you’d like to test with Pester.
  2. You must request to participate via replying to me on Twitter @adbertram.
  3. I will accept your request.
  4. You must send your idea to me and I will work with you to see if the project will work for your first foray into Pester.
  5. I will provide you a free coupon code to the Pester Book.
  6. Within (3) months, you must:
    1. Notify me via Twitter and show me what you’ve accomplished in a private Github gist.
    2. Write at least 500 words on what you’ve learned, how/if Pester has changed your thinking about scripting and what you’ve done to share your new-found knowledge with others.
  7. If you write a blog post, I will promote it.

Are you up for the challenge?

Adam Bertram

Chief Automator at Adam the Automator, LLC
Adam Bertram is an independent consultant, technical writer, trainer and presenter. Adam specializes in consulting and evangelizing all things IT automation mainly focused around Windows PowerShell. Adam is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP, 2015 PowerShell hero and has numerous Microsoft IT pro certifications. He authors IT pro course content for Pluralsight, is a regular contributor to numerous print and online publications and presents at various user groups and conferences.You can find Adam here on the blog or on Twitter at @adbertram.

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