Build Scripts as Bricks Not as Entire Buildings

As I was lurking on the Interwebz today I came across a script on the Technet Script Repository simply called RemoteRegistry.ps1.  It was a pretty handy powershell script that, as you might guess, manipulates the Windows remote registry service on all computers in an Active Directory domain.  It had some logic in there to account for offline computers but overall […]

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7 Ways to Get the Most from a Powershell Summit

UPDATE 04/25/15: #7 added thanks to June Blender mentioned on the Powershell Facebook group! I’m sitting here on the plane ride back from Powershell Summit North America 2015.  I finally have time to reflect on what just happened.  Powershell Summit is a semi-annually event held in both North America and Europe.  It’s a 3-day 400-level event put on by the organizers of […]

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#PSBlogWeek – Dynamic Parameters and Parameter Validation

This post is part of the PowerShell Blogging Week (#PSBlogWeek) series on Windows PowerShell Advanced Functions, a series of coordinated posts designed to provide a comprehensive view of a particular topic. In this series: Standard and Advanced PowerShell Functions by Francois-Xavier Cat (@LazyWinAdm) (March 30, 2015) PowerShell Advanced Functions: Can we build them better? With parameter validation, yes we can! […]

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