How to Create a Robust ConfigMgr Backup with Powershell

Download this script on the Technet Script Repository I’ve recently completed a high priority task on my list this week created from my most recent forced ConfigMgr site restore.  After that went down, I’d been procrastinating getting a solid ConfigMgr site backup going again. Previously, I was using the afterbackup.bat file to do some post-backup tasks doing a combination of […]

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Using Automation Module PSModulePath in Times of Extreme Laziness

How to Use PSModulePath as an Automation Module? In order to get automation module importing working, the file system path must be added to the  PSModulePath  value in the  HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Control\Session Manager\Environment  registry key. I have a few places where I have modules kept and I kept have to go into the registry value and manually change it to add my new directory. No […]

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