Psexec is Dead

UPDATE 11/29/14: OK, fine. I’ll give you the argument that the  -i  switch for  psexec  is unparalleled in the Powershell world and maybe the  -s  switch 🙂 I’ve used Sysinternals’ psexec utility for a really long time. I can’t recall how long it’s been. It used to be one of those goto tools in my software utility tool belt. That is, until Powershell […]

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Software Updates Stuck in “AssignmentStateDetecting” Status

Today, it looks like I’m still running into issues relating to last week’s site system restore. For whatever reason, when attempting to deploy software updates all the clients could not find a WSUS location. I kept seeing this line in the UpdatesDeployment client log was “AssignmentStateDetecting” after repeated Update Deployment evals. I was also noticing that in ScanAgent.log client log […]

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UPDATED: Remove Software with Powershell

How To Remove Software with Powershell UPDATE 05/29/2014: Added the ability to remove software from remote computers and the Wait parameter to either wait or have the script give back control to the terminal. UPDATE 05/27/2014: Added the ability to kill processes before the software is uninstalled and a  PreActions  and  PostActions  parameters that allow you to run any number of custom […]

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Remove All Direct Membership Rules from a ConfigMgr Collection

Download this script on the Technet Script Repository This script’s pretty self-explanatory.  I wrote it because I had a few collections that had a ton of direct membership rules and using the GUI was oh, so painful, as it usually is.

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