What Makes a Great IT Professional

I’ve been an IT Professional since 1998 where I worked as a student helpdesk technician doing traditional PC break/fix support. From there, I did tier 2 phone support for a local ISP, went onto doing junior-level server/network support for another company, mid-tier network administrator roles, mid-tier server support at another place to my current role as a senior systems consultant […]

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My initial impressions of DSC

I’m back from Microsoft’s TechEd 2014 and my head is spinning.  I’ve got so many things I want to do now that I can’t decide.  Of course, I attended as many Powershell sessions as I possibly could.  One of the sessions I attended was Don Jones’ A Practical Overview of Desired State Configuration.  I also got a chance to get a […]

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UPDATED: Use Powershell to Randomize the Addition of ConfigMgr Clients to a Collection

06/11/2014 UPDATE: Used Get-Random to get a random member from each OS group. This is much more “random” than what was previously being used.

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Enable PS Remoting Remotely

Download this Enable-PSRemotingRemotely script via the Technet Script Repository I had an instance where I needed to quickly enable PS Remoting on a few remote computers so this is the result.

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Reading ConfigMgr Logs with Powershell

If you’re a ConfigMgr admin we’re all familiar with log reading tools like CMtrace and it’s predecessor SMStrace.  I use CMtrace religiously when troubleshooting an application deployment, update deployment or why that damn client won’t refresh it’s machine policy.  I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with notepad and the dozens of log files a single SCCM client can generate. […]

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