Install Ansible: Setup for Windows

Since the DevOps methodology was born in the Linux world, you’ll find that Ansible is much more focused on that platform. However, with Microsoft’s new stance on open source, their community contributions, and their adoption of a more agile, DevOps-minded software development approach, Windows support is slowly catching up. If you’ve heard of Ansible but haven’t necessarily ever used it […]

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Using the PowerShell Test-NetConnection Cmdlet on Windows

Before the days of PowerShell Test-NetConnection, we had many different command-line tools we could choose from to troubleshoot various network connectivity issues. We had ping for testing ICMP echoes and replies; tracert to see where our packets might be getting dropped; nslookup to perform DNS queries against our DNS servers; telnet to check for open TCP ports; and various other […]

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Essential PowerShell Cmdlets For Auditing And Maintaining Storage

PowerShell v5 offers some new features for managing storage, building on the capabilities that were available in PowerShell 4. Here are some of the most useful cmdlets for auditing and maintaining storage. In the days before PowerShell, managing disks via the command line was possible, but it wasn’t easy and it certainly didn’t feel like a unified experience. PowerShell makes […]

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Unit tests versus integration tests in Pester

To perform a complete Pester test of PowerShell code requires a few different “layers.” These layers test various functional aspects of the code. In this article, I’ll be discussing two of those layers: unit tests and integration tests. When considering “infrastructure code” or the code that automates infrastructure components like PowerShell in the Windows world, the general purpose is to […]

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10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud

Cloud computing is the way of the future and no matter what size your business is, it can be greatly beneficial. Cloud services can be especially practical for smaller organizations because they reduce internal IT resources and the time spent managing them. Instead of relying on additional hardware and software and people to manage and secure them, organizations can take advantage […]

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How to Use the Microsoft PowerShell Cmdlets Utility Module

Step-by-step instructions for using the PowerShell cmdlets Utility module that comes with Microsoft’s Windows 10. One of the most exciting aspects of a new Windows operating system is the new PowerShell cmdlets that come along. Being an automation junkie, I’m always excited to see the new PowerShell cmdlets that Microsoft provides. In Server 2016, a few of these cmdlets come […]

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