Learn How to Create a Github Repository By Reading This

Before you can start using Github to share your methods for source control, you’ll need to make your own repository. If you’re not a software developer, you may have never heard of the term ‘source control’ before. Although not as common as it once was, source control is more designed for a software creator rather than a software consumer, like […]

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Repair The Domain Trust Relationship With Test-ComputerSecureChannel

If the trust relationship between a workstation and the primary domain failed, you can use the Test-ComputerSecureChannel PowerShell cmdlet to test and repair the secure channel between the computer and its Active Directory domain. One of the most annoying messages many IT professionals have to deal with is the infamous Active Directory (AD) broken trust error message: This error message […]

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Sync CSV user data to Active Directory with PowerShell

One of the most common tasks I see performed with PowerShell is syncing user attributes to Active Directory (AD). Every organization seems to have some kind of product that stores employee information other than AD itself. Usually, that external product is some kind of HR system. You can get employee information from an external product into AD in a few […]

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Getting Started With Windows Containers

Containers are not for Tupperware parties anymore; they are part of the IT world. Although Containers are not entirely mainstream yet, such companies as Docker have removed the traditional management burden that came with this technology. A small footprint, lightning fast speed and portability make them increasingly popular. But what are containers anyway? Containers are essentially operating system sandboxes that […]

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Update PowerShell with the Update-Help cmdlet. Here’s How.

Updating PowerShell cmdlets of a module usually does not update the corresponding help files. The Update-Help cmdlet allows you to download and install the latest PowerShell help files. Traditionally, documentation goes stale. Developers develop the product and either deem documentation and help content a low priority or have no way of distributing new documentation to customers. Lack of documentation leads […]

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Working With File Catalogs In Powershell 5.1

Working with lots of files all strewn about in different folders can sometimes prove troublesome. This is where PowerShell can help.Times like data migrations can be especially hard when it’s critical that the information on the destination is exactly as it were on the source system. Commands like Copy-Item work fine (if it doesn’t throw an error) but what if […]

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