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Scripted Active Directory
This eBook goes in depth and shows a beginning PowerShell user how to easily get started managing Active Directory with PowerShell. It is written in a easy to understand "conversational" tone.

Magazine Articles

These are all of the articles that I have gotten published through various magazines.

4 Questions to Identify Tech Tasks Worth Automating
This was a piece done for BizTech Magazine that was published in print as well as online. It was written for IT managers and CIOs to express how important automation is and how to begin thinking about which processes might be best to look into automating.
Automate Using Windows PowerShell
This feature article was simultaneously posted online and in the May 2015 issue of Redmond Magazine. It detailed the history of Windows PowerShell, it's consistent rise in popularity and how PowerShell is utilized in the cloud.
Data Center Monitoring Made New
This was a 2-page piece I wrote around broadening an IT pro/manager's thinking around data center monitoring.

Short Articles

These are a short list of various short articles I've written for various publications.

3 Ways To Keep Active Directory Clean with PowerShell
This was a short how-to article detailing common ways Active Directory accounts can become stale. It explains some techniques you can use to clean up computer and user accounts in Active Directory.
4 time management tips for remote workers
Working remotely gives you the freedom to work at your own time, your own pace, and accept as many jobs as you can. Juggling several jobs at a time can be challenging and this article will give you tips on how to manage your time.
4 tips to help programmers stay on track
Programmers always want the best for their program, so they constantly add features, redirecting their focus. This article gives four guidelines to help you keep your focus on the important stuff.
7 signs you're doing devops wrong
Misconceptions and flawed implementations may have you missing the true upsides of devops
Add mailboxes with an Office 365 connection via PowerShell
Without a GUI, there are a lot of tasks that Office 365 admins need to use PowerShell for. Connect to Office 365 from PowerShell to save you and your organization time.
This was an introductory article on PowerShell. It was written as a way to relate to Windows Server admins on their current ways and how they might use PowerShell to make their jobs easier.
Connecting to WSUS with PowerShell
Automate Microsoft patches with the aid of the Windows Server Update Services. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a common, free product from Microsoft that allows system administrators to apply the latest software patches from Microsoft on a mass scale.
Documentation for developers: Why you need to do it
Most developers neglect documentation because, let's face it, it sucks. But we need to do it and this article will tell you why.
Get started with Windows PowerShell DSC
It’s easy to automate Windows Server configuration management with PowerShell; here’s how.
How And When To Create And Use PowerShell Modules
A short article on what a Windows PowerShell module is, how to create and use them.
How IT Pros Can Automate the Employee Onboarding Process
Why do repetitive tasks when onboarding a new employee? This article will show you how to automate the process.
Local Administrator Group Changes: Get Notified with PowerShell
This was a security-focused short article written about a Windows PowerShell script I created to assist IT pros.
Netwrix Sysadmin Magazine September 2015
This is a combination of articles I had written for Netwrix. They had gotten such positive feedback on them they decided to dedicate an entire sysadmin magazine to the topic.
Setting Up Your First PowerShell DSC Pull Server
This was a highly technical how-to article detailing all steps required to setup a Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration pull server.
The benefits of hiring remote workers
Hiring remote workers seems to be the new trend. This article will show you where to search for, and what to look for in a remote worker. And also the perks of hiring them.


Various webinars I've put together and presented.

Building Tools with PowerShell Pluralsight Webinar
If you were a part of my Pluralsight Building Tools with PowerShell webinar, thanks for coming! As promised, here is a link to all of the material that I used in today’s session.
Embedding Security Best Practices in Software Deployments and Management
Packaging, deploying and managing software across lots of endpoints is hard enough let alone worrying about security concerns as well. In this Redmond Tech Advisor webinar featuring Adam Bertram, learn how to embed security into your automated software deployment and management process. He'll cover what to look out for, the biggest patching and security compliance pain points, as well as strategies to adhere to application readiness best practices. Security doesn't have to be a manual process. You can use automation to ease the burden so you can get back to innovating. Watch it now! - Virtual Expo 2015
In this session, I will be going over a PowerShell module with dozens of functions to help you get Windows Installer, InstallShield and other installers installed, uninstalled and configured on 1, 10 or 10,000 machines!

White Papers

These are all of the white papers I have written for various publishers and vendors.

10 Ways to Save Time with Windows PowerShell
This was a 7,000 word white paper written to introduce the IT community to using Windows PowerShell. It included 10 common IT automation techniques on how Windows PowerShell could be used to expedite various processes.
Managing Active Directory Users and Computers with Powershell
This is a comprehensive whitepaper on showing users how to get started using PowerShell and Active Directory.