Leverage BITS for File Transfers with PowerShell. Here is How.

Performing simple file copies with PowerShell is fairly straightforward. Copy-Item will copy suffice when copying single files or whole folders of stuff. A problem arises, though, when the network you’re transferring files across is flaky, the machine you’re copying to doesn’t maintain the connection it’s supposed to or a number of other connectivity problems arise. Also, perhaps you’re transferring some huge files across the wire that drastically affects overall network performance. Copy-Item has no way to account for any of these scenarios. In these situations, transferring files using BITS should be looked into.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) has been around for a long time and is heavily used by Microsoft most popularly to deliver updates to all Windows computers through the Windows Update service. BITS is smart. BITS has native controls built-in to account for lots of different problems that may arise when transferring files.

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