How to Work with Windows Shortcuts in PowerShell

How to Work with Windows Shortcuts in PowerShell

You can keep shortcuts up to date with PowerShell, reducing help desk calls and increasing productivity.

In a business environment, it is common to find end-user Windows clients that have had dozens of applications installed over the years, with shortcuts created over multiple user profiles. Many of these shortcuts were created by the applications themselves during installation. On top of that, you also have users manually creating shortcuts to these applications in all kinds of places. Not only will these Windows clients have numerous LNK shortcuts, they’ll also have various URL shortcuts   ̶  either placed directly on users’ desktops or bookmarked as Internet Explorer favorites.

So what happens when an application is upgraded or a website URL changes? The shortcuts aren’t automatically updated to reflect this, which leads to confusion among the users affected and an increase in help desk calls. Traditionally, the solution has been to wait for a help desk call, and then walk the user through the process of removing the old shortcut and creating a new one. This wastes a lot of time   ̶  for both the user and the help desk operator   ̶  and prevents the user from performing their primary responsibilities.

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