How To Build Composite DSC Resources

WMI eventsDesired State Configuration (DSC) is an amazing technology. It’s great to define what a system should look like, run a configuration and it’s done. This magic is built upon resources which combine to form configurations. Microsoft provides lots of built-in resources such as WindowsFeature, File, Registry and so on. Administrators can also create custom resources as well. Even though DSC resources by themselves are useful, managing them efficiently soon can turn problematic if an administrator needs to apply the same set of resources across different machines.
For example, if an administrator needs to ensure a Windows feature and a particular file exists somewhere on more than one server, she would have to duplicate the same configuration multiple times. This can lead to things like fat-finger syndrome as well as a major hassle when that same configuration needs to be changed. If the same configuration is applied to many different servers, each instance of that configuration will have to be modified. This isn’t a good situation to be in.


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