Construct a Chain of Commands With the PowerShell Pipeline

Administrators new to PowerShell can construct intricate workflows within a single line of code once they learn how to tap into the automation tool’s piping abilities.

The ability to take output from one command and send it as input to the next command with the PowerShell pipeline is a major feature that sets PowerShell apart from other scripting languages. The pipeline links multiple commands to perform complex actions, such as configuration changes. In other operating systems such as Linux, the shell needs to parse the text output from a command before it can work with the data.

It’s useful to think of PowerShell objects as analogous to a car, and the methods as the actions a car can take, such as moving forward or backward. Usually, an administrator would need a separate script for each method, but the PowerShell pipeline enables admins to consolidate those scripts and pass — or pipe — rich objects from one command to another.

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