Building PowerShell Scripts to Tie Disparate Products Together

The PowerShell scripting language has been called “automation glue” more times than I can count. It’s a fitting description if you’ve worked with it a lot. You may get the automation part of the title right away if you’ve merely heard of PowerShell and what it can do but the “glue” part may leave you wondering why.

PowerShell was born at Microsoft and thus was built for Microsoft Windows. It had a lot of support for manipulating various “Windows-y” things like files, folders, registry items, certificates and the like. There was no mention or really any kind of development work that was going in to make PowerShell cross platform or much support for even working with other systems remotely.

Today it’s 2017, PowerShell is in version 5.1 and has matured greatly. We now have true cross-platform PowerShell where we can run PowerShell on Windows, Linux and MacOS. On top of that, we have hundreds of built-in cmdlets that even if we still need to use Windows, we can easily make calls to other systems to gather and manipulate that information remotely.

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