Build a Windows Automation Foundation With PowerShell Objects

PowerShell newbies should start with the basics of Microsoft’s automation management tool to learn how to develop their own scripts. A few lines of PowerShell code can replace inefficient point-and-click management. As administrators build their expertise in PowerShell, they can scale their code to manage hundreds — or thousands — of users.

PowerShell objects are important concepts for beginners to understand — everything in PowerShell is built on these objects. A solid grasp of what objects are, how they work and how to manage them paves the way for admins to dive deeper into more advanced uses for PowerShell.

In the context of PowerShell objects, an administrator needs to understand two concepts: properties and methods. Think of an object like a car.It has certain features — paint color, doors, wheels and an engine. These are the car object’s properties. A car can also perform tasks — drive forward and backward as well as start and stop. Think of these actions as the methods.

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