Automating Software Installs with PowerShell

Automating Software Installs with PowerShell

PowerShell scripts can help you supplement or replace the more expensive options. Deploying software to endpoints is a like that whack-a-mole game. The moment an IT administrator does the research, creates the package, distributes the software to machines, and gets it installed is the time to do it all over again. The software is continually being updated especially for software vendors that practice Agile development practices. It’s impossible for administrators to keep up even in an SMB with only a few hundred machines.

Luckily, deploying software to endpoints consists of a standard process.

  • Figure out how to install the software silently
  • Package up the software
  • Define the target group of machines to push the software to
  • Distribute the software to the machines
  • Silently install the software

Because of this standardized process, this task is ripe for automating. There are a few tools on the market today that assist the administrator in this process like Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Symantec’s Endpoint Management, Dell KACE and so on. These tools expedite the process but still leave gaps and require to be customized to each environment.

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