Building HTML Reports In Powershell With Convertto-Html

Let’s say you’ve developed this excellent script that pulls all kinds of information from various sources that save you and your team tons of time. This script pulls information from Active Directory, some HR database, your VMware/Hyper-V nodes and so on. How it correlates all of that information is really a huge time-saver for you. You present it to a […]

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Powershell Streams: Write-Host, Write-Output, Write-Verbose, Write-Error

Whenever you see some text come up in a PowerShell console, that text may not necessarily be the same “type.” Whether the text is white, red, green, or whatever, that text may come from one of five different streams. Streams are essentially like roads the output you see in the console takes to get there. The code that’s responsible for […]

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How To Build A Dynamic Inventory With Red Hat’s Ansible

With Ansible, admins can build a configuration and deliver that configuration to one, 100, or 1,000 servers with a single command, thanks to its running inventory. Server environments are always changing, with new ones getting added and removed regularly. As a result, it’s important to keep tooling designed to manage these servers dynamically. Static lists will, over time, become cumbersome […]

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Add A Computer To An Active Directory Domain With Powershell

This box is the infamous domain-join box that comes up whenever adding a computer to a domain. If you’re still adding computers via this method though, you’re doing it the hard way. This process requires logging onto a machine, performing about a dozen mouse clicks, rebooting, and waiting. Why not just do this? Active Directory domain join This PowerShell snippet […]

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