Automating Downloads from SourceForge

Occasionally I need to download some utilities from via PowerShell. At first, I attempted to do what I usually do with others sites. I’ll find the direct link to the file I’m looking for, copy it out and paste it into the Uri parameter to Invoke-WebRequest .

  When doing this I noticed that the URI wasn’t a direct […]

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How to Create a PowerShell Wait Function

When writing PowerShell automation scripts you’ll occasionally come across instances in which you have to wait for something before proceeding. There have been many times when I’m writing a script that, during execution, needs something else to be in a particular state before proceeding. It could be a particular server to be online, some other process doing something that your […]

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From the Trenches Stories: Working with What You Have

As I roam the halls and rooms in Seattle this week at the PowerShell & DevOps Summit 2016, I’ve been directly involved in or have overheard many different conversations. The most interesting discussions include real-world stories; stories that either highlight the successes or struggles of every-day IT life. I’ve decided to pick out a few of these stories and make […]

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