Be Wary of PowerShell’s OutputType Keyword

Whenever creating an advanced function in PowerShell, it’s always a good idea to define what type of object the function will return by using the OutputType keyword. I wrote a little article about this awhile back if you’re unfamiliar with the concept. OutputType is a great way to show what type of object the function returns as well as assisting in tab-completion […]

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Build a Windows Automation Foundation With PowerShell Objects

PowerShell newbies should start with the basics of Microsoft’s automation management tool to learn how to develop their own scripts. A few lines of PowerShell code can replace inefficient point-and-click management. As administrators build their expertise in PowerShell, they can scale their code to manage hundreds — or thousands — of users. PowerShell objects are important concepts for beginners to understand […]

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Must-Have Devops Tools For Windows Admins

Without automation, there would be no devops. How organizations implement automation—from continuous delivery to automated testing to release pipelines—differs wildly, but the fundamental divergence in approaches begins at the operating system. When it comes to Windows vs. Linux, devops is a bit different. Not every devops tool is created equal when it comes to managing a Linux or Windows system. […]

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Set Up Infrastructure As Code Testing With AppVeyor and GitHub

Infrastructure as code provides the flexibility that DevOps strives for — admins can automate everything from the ground up. This tutorial walks through automated testing of infrastructure code. We’re not racking as many physical servers, thanks to virtualization and the removal of hardware dependencies. With infrastructure defined purely in code, administrators have flexibility in how they provision it — and […]

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Find Out How to Work With Windows Services in PowerShell

PowerShell helps free up time by taking over certain service management tasks. See how to create such tools here. Stopping, starting, and restarting Windows services is a common task for many IT professionals. We’re all used to the common services MMC snapin where we browse to a service, right-click on the service, restart it or double-click on it and change […]

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How to Sync Active Directory Users from a CSV File with PowerShell

One of the most common automation requests I get is to sync employee user information in a CSV into Active Directory. Lots of organizations have an HR database that contains information about all its employees. It also likely has Active Directory in which each employee has a user account, but these companies have no automated way to get the employees […]

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