How to Create a Microsoft DHCP Lease Inventory Script

Large organizations typically have lots of devices that require IP addresses. Client desktops, tablets, mobile and desk phones, servers and more all consume IPs. The only way to manage IPs at this level is to use Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), which will also manage which devices obtain which IPs through DHCP leases. Even though the DHCP server in […]

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An introduction to infrastructure testing with PowerShell Pester

When a software developer is asked about testing, they’ll most likely talk about unit, integration, functional, or acceptance testing. These are the kinds of tests that have been around for decades and are considered formal testing strategies. Then, one day, system administrators decided they wanted in on the coding action, and infrastructure development was born. I’m going to define an […]

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List installed programs on remote computers with PowerShell

The PowerShell script introduced in this post allows you to easily list all installed programs on remote computers. To quickly check what software is installed on a computer, you can remote into the console of a client or server and bring up the Programs and Features control panel applet. Of course, you can also use a software inventory tool. The […]

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Leveraging PowerShell Automation in the Cloud

These days, just about every CIO, IT manager and IT professional has his head in the cloud. Organizations have found that offloading various utilitarian services to the cloud allows them to focus more on delivering business value rather than just keeping the lights on. As part of this cloud transition, it’s important to realize that even though you can’t see […]

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